How much will it cost to hire an attorney to handle my Social Security disability claim?

How much will it cost to hire an attorney to handle my Social Security disability claim?

The short answer regarding fees

In most situations, the attorney, if successful, will be paid 25% of your past-due benefits up to a maximum of $6,000.00. If your attorney is unsuccessful, meaning you are not awarded benefits, the attorney will receive nothing. There are, however, many potential oversimplifications in this brief answer.

Attorney fees in Social Security disability claims are heavily regulated by federal law; charging an unauthorized fee constitutes a criminal offense. If, however, an attorney complies with all necessary regulations and is successful in helping you obtaining past-due benefits, the Social Security Administration will pay the attorney fee directly out of your past-due benefits at the conclusion of the case.

Social Security disability benefits are funded by your payroll taxes. And attorney fees in disability claims are regulated by the Social Security Act to protect your payroll tax contributions and your benefits from improper practices.

At Matthew D. Lane, Jr., our attorneys personally answer your questions about the fee process at your initial meeting, review the fee agreement with you before signing, and will give you a copy of the signed fee agreement to take with you before you leave our office. We make the fee process as transparent as possible.

The short answers on costs/expenses

Costs and expenses are not regulated by federal law. The matter is left to be determined between the attorney and the client.

At Matthew D. Lane, Jr., if we win your case and you are found disabled, we will invoice you for  reasonable expenses and costs incurred in proving your case. And on receipt of your past-due benefits, you then pay the expense invoice.

If, however, you are not found disabled, all costs and expenses are waived; you owe us nothing.

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