my Social Security account week

The Social Security Administration is celebrating the first National my Social Security week from August 17 through 23, 2014, to expand awareness of my Social Security accounts, which are personalized online accounts individuals can establish at

With a my Social Security account, you can access your online Social Security Statement to verify the accuracy of your earnings each year, which is important as earnings are the basis for determining future retirement benefits and for maintaining eligibility for disability insurance benefits.

Since Social Security stopped mailing statements, accessing and reviewing your online Social Security Statement is the only way to ensure your annual earnings are properly recorded.

Create a my Social Security account at

Social Security Statements Are No More

The Social Security Administration is no longer mailing Social Security Statements, the green and white document that used to be sent out annually to all workers listing their annual earnings and their predicted retirement benefits based on those earnings.  For more, see the recent post by elder law attorney Janet Colliton.  This change will make it difficult for workers to check whether the Social Security Administration is maintaining accurate earnings records.